Traveller Services and Assistance

At Succès Voyage, we don’t just offer a cost optimisation service to companies; we also believe that traveller service and assistance are essential. A satisfied traveller is a more capable traveller. By limiting the restrictions during travel, we give travellers the freedom to fully focus on their task.

An online booking system is available to travellers or travel managers, with or without a travel policy, to optimise booking procedures and approval processes. This system brings together all available sources and suggests targeted, filtered offers.

When a booking request is made, all elements of the trip are presented to the traveller, making their trip easier and improving management for the company. This includes transport, accommodation, car hire, taxis, transfers, restaurants, insurance, tours, etc.

The database within the booking system offers a wide range of criteria for each product or offer, which means the traveller can refine their search based on their needs and requirements and thus save time looking for the service that is right for them.

The system offers a trip corresponding to the traveller preferences (parking, Wi-Fi, location, etc.), which can be less expensive than the criteria they used previously.

You can generate booking reminders using the employee’s calendar. This way, whenever a meeting is planned, the employee receives a booking reminder, thus improving scheduling and allowing the meeting date to be set according to the best price available.

We manage the miles and loyalty programmes for all service providers involved in the trip. We can then suggest award tickets or recommend certain service providers offering special advantages (upgrades, breakfast included, etc.). What’s more, we will systematically sign you up for all their loyalty programmes, so that you can enjoy as many advantages and discounts as possible.

Safety is of the utmost importance for business travellers and is part of company responsibilities. This is why we always keep abreast of the latest international safety news and will alert you of any weather warnings or geopolitical risks. Multirisk insurance solutions and a no-quibble cancellation policy will be offered to you with every booking. Annual policies can also be purchased.

Travellers can be located on a map within the portal, based on their profile.

Our system is more than just a booking portal, it also offers a wealth of destination-related information, as well as practical tips. This makes it very useful, and encourages employees to sign in and book their travel.

There is also an iPhone and Android app which can be used to make or display bookings easily.

Our expertise means we can offer additional services to improve traveller comfort:
• Finding seats on fully booked flights
• Finding seats on fully booked trains
• Seat booking
• Options held as long as possible, without confirmation
• Luggage check-in
• Private car with chauffeur transfers
• Show and restaurant bookings

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