Cost optimisation

At Succès Voyage we are aware that price optimisation alone cannot reduce costs sufficiently for any company. This is why we offer additional solutions to make our services more comprehensive and give them a wider scope.

From the time you make your booking until the time the ticket is issued, a bot reviews every airline booking and rebooks the best price ticket for you.

We use a script to rebook your hotel bookings, should the price be lowered between the time you make your booking and your departure.

We use a script to analyse ticket flexibilities and conditions, so you get the best price right up until your departure. For example, if you buy a flexible, refundable ticket in advance, and confirm your trip, this ticket can be cancelled and another, non-refundable one can be bought in its place at a far better price.

Many criteria are included in the offer presentation (flexible, refundable, breakfast included, parking included, etc.), which means all additional expenses can be taken into account at the time of booking.

We use a tool to track any tickets our travellers do not use. We send you a report with all these tickets tracked, and refund the cost of the ticket or the airline taxes, depending on its conditions.

We manage your loyalty programmes and miles, which means we can offer you a range of promotions and advantages which you might not be aware of. Comparison software displays the public price and the price with discount, based on your status (award tickets, upgrades, meal included, etc.). For example, between company A and company B, the public price offer by A may be higher. However, by using your miles, you can benefit from a better rate than that offered by B.

You can compare and find out if it is cost effective to purchase cancellation insurance or not, based on the charges associated with the services you are buying. If cancellation insurance costs more than the cancellation charges, it is not worth purchasing. If it is cheaper, you can avoid high charges by purchasing insurance.

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