Technological Tools

Unique proprietary technology

The Succès Voyage platform is the first business travel booking portal based on ROI. The aim for both company and agency is to optimise business travel costs. The system connects to multiple global and local sources with whom we have partnerships for all areas of business travel, and includes innovative features.


This consolidation of sources means we have direct and complete access to all the offers available on different markets, at rates which apply locally. This means you get the best price when you make your booking:

  • Multi HBA : every hotel booking system has an area for which it can obtain preferential rates, but there is no system which offers an international best rate service. We select the best from each country to offer you the best available rate worldwide for the product you have chosen.
  • Multi GDS : provides a complete list of possible itineraries and rates.
  • Car rental aggregators offering the best negotiated rates available from all car hire companies.
  • Flight brokers : private or charter jets, etc. can be booked directly through the platform.
  • Local agencies offering the rates applicable locally.

The offer also includes access to taxi, transfer, restaurant, and parking reservation, and much more.

Contracts negotiated by the company can be integrated into the system. The differences in rate are then displayed during the booking process, giving managers the chance to sign-off on the best rate.

Technology which supports Best Price

The system functions offer a review service until the time of departure.

  • An automatic PNR review is carried out to check the flight details constantly in order to find the ticket at the best price.
  • A flexibility script analyses ticket flexibilities and conditions, so you get the best price right up until your departure.
  • A hotel booking script rebooks your hotel booking should the price be lowered.

Cost optimisation tools

First and foremost, our platform was created to allow companies to reduce their costs, which is why we chose our many intelligent features:

  • Unused ticket management
  • Optimisation of loyalty programmes
  • Optimisation of cancellation insurance
  • Inclusion of additional expenses
  • Booking assistance tools (taxi mileage, best itinerary, calendar syncing, etc.)

Un outil simplifié pour les voyageurs

With a combination of a traveller CRM and a criteria database, travellers are able to refine their search based on the travel policy and their preferences.

The tool provides rich content and tips in one place, making it both useful and attractive. Travellers can familiarise themselves with the interface, making it more likely that they will use the platform to make a booking, as opposed to going through a non-listed supplier.

Integration of accounting and report tools

Our accounting integration technology means we can feed XML flows directly into an IT system. All bookings are linked to a project code to facilitate accounting reconciliation between the project and the trip itself.

The platform includes an expense management tool. This tool allows the traveller to enter their expenses directly using their booking and project code. A mobile app can be used to scan receipts directly.

Our passive segment retrieval tool means that your online bookings can be retrieved and integrated in the company information system.

Features and tools that are constantly evolving

The Succès Voyage platform offers many different features. They allow the company to maximise cost effectiveness, improve traveller service and lighten the administrative burden. We regularly add new optimisation tools, in an attempt to maintain our innovative, practical and high-performance service.

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