Price Optimisation

The technology offered by Succès Voyage ensures that you get the very best prices. We provide a complete offer and access to the best available rates, as well as monitoring and scheduling assistance.

Connection to a multisourcing system ensures that the best offers available from highly competitive local sources are displayed, guaranteeing you the best available rate when you book. These rates are often better than negotiated rates for businesses. For example, we connected to an American booking system with hotel prices in the United States and the Caribbean that were up to 70% lower than prices offered by European systems.

Our passive segment retrieval tool means that your online bookings can be retrieved and logged in the company IT system.

Employees have several tools available to them when making a booking. For example, one tool displays the mileage and cost in a taxi between the chosen accommodation and the meeting location, so that the best price for accommodation can be selected. It can be more cost effective to book a less expensive hotel a few more miles away from the customer and then take a taxi. Another tool allows you to enter the departure and arrival address in order to generate a selection of itineraries, travel times and possible means of transport (public transport, plane, train, bus, car, etc.).

Our platform displays the best prices for your destination over the month or the week, so you can set the date of your meeting according to the travel price. This is a clever way to reduce costs.

A rewards programme can be set up to encourage travellers to book earlier, choose specific service providers, or select the cheapest offers. The Unimiles earned by the company can then be used and given to the traveller for their personal use. This means that the company pays no money when rewarding, and saves a substantial amount by motivating travellers to purchase intelligently. 

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