A Different Approach to Service

An expert on board

We use travel engineers rather than traditional travel agents for our business platform. They are fully committed to finding the best prices, since collaboration can be based on both ROI and agency fees. Our experts provide their knowledge of the market to your company, and rely on proprietary technology to optimise prices by reviewing each file. Prior to this, they analyse company requirements, and offer the most suitable solutions in terms of travel policy.

A Best Buy strategy

Travel policies as they currently stand are insufficient. We use the best price strategy instead. This strategy is based on two things: sourcing, which allows us to increase our competitiveness with access to local sources; and optimisation: once the price has been found, the file is reviewed until the point of departure using analysis and rebooking tools.

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Optimised, integrated technology

Thanks to multisourcing and connection to all local booking systems, our booking tool provides a much more complete view of market prices. The idea is not to obtain as many offers as possible, but to be able to obtain quotes from partners who are leaders in a specific area. Travellers can also refine their search based on a variety of criteria (location, Wi-Fi, parking, breakfast included, etc.) and the company travel policy. A PNR review tool ensures that you receive the best rate by rebooking your trip until the time of departure. We also offer integration of our technology into an IT system.

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Twice the rewards

Since 2011, Succès Voyage has offered a unique business loyalty programme. Whenever an employee travels, miles known as “Unimiles” are credited to the company account and can be used as the company sees fit: for business travel, travel rewards, incentives, etc. There are no limits on the use of miles, unlike existing reward programmes. They can be used for all services and categories on any date.

It is also possible to create a traveller rewards programme to encourage travellers to avoid waiting until the last minute to get the best price, and to choose their times based on the best prices over a week, or even to promote the best price available. In exchange, they receive Unimiles for their own personal use.

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