Loyalty Program

When you purchase a flight with any airline, a break, a hotel booking or car hire, you will receive miles known as “Unimiles”. They are a novel way to optimise employee travel costs. In contrast with other loyalty programmes, our programme allows you to convert your Unimiles into travel services offered by Succès Voyage, with no limit on date, price, or type of service.

Reduce your travel costs

Whenever your employees travel, you automatically qualify for Unimiles for the total cost of their trip. The miles are credited to the company loyalty account. The booking can be made online or offline. One Unimile is worth one euro, making it easy to calculate.

Exchange your Unimiles for services, with no limitations

You can use Unimiles as you wish, for any of the services offered by Succès Voyage: transport, hotels, hire, services, etc. with no conditions on date, price, validity or category. You can pay for all or part of your trip using your Unimiles, and also combine them with other loyalty programmes.

Offer an incentive, give a reward or say thanks with Unimiles

You can transfer your Unimiles to anyone you like. This means you can use them to motivate your teams, offer trips as rewards, or say thanks to a valued customer by giving them Unimiles that they may use as they wish. You can also buy additional Unimiles for internal use or in the form of a Gift Box.

Easy to use

You can request a Unimiles-PRO account from Succès Voyage at no extra cost. You then choose an authorised administrator to manage your company account. The automatic Unimiles accumulation system is simple and efficient. You can access your account online and receive regular account statements.

Info: Your employees continue to earn miles with other loyalty programmes, all whilst earning Unimiles for the company.

Unimiles loyalty programme FAQ