Unimiles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Unimiles can be used for the purchase of any service, irrespective of the company or the destination. The booking must be made through Succès Voyage.

Conversion of Unimiles for purchase of a service is defined as follows: 70 Unimiles are equal to 1 euro of purchase.

No, you can use as many Unimiles as you wish to pay for your services, with no limitations.

Using the Succès Voyage platform, you can purchase services from a company that has awarded you Frequent Traveller miles, in combination with your Unimiles.

There are no conditions relating to class or category, or to date, on any service.

Unimiles can be used for all Succès Voyage services: business travel, leisure travel or a reward for an employee.

You can access your Unimiles statement online, and you will receive a regular statement which displays all of your transactions.

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